Management Philosophy

- Safety first above all else -

Making the best use of railway-related special expertise, we at Totetsu Kogyo, as a general construction company, contribute to create safe and comfortable transportation network and social infrastructure.

Codes of Conduct

Based on our Management Philosophy, the Totetsu Kogyo Group makes every endeavour to provide customers with safe, quality technology and services, and we always comply with and respect legal requirements and social ethical standards. We also strive to ensure the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, local communities, and employees, fulfilling our corporate social responsibility through faithful and fair corporate activities. In aiming for sustainable growth in harmony with society and the further improvement of our corporate value, we established the Totetsu Kogyo Codes of Conduct that all executives and employees of the Totetsu Kogyo Group shall observe, which are as follows.

1. Securing customer's satisfaction and trust

We endeavour to properly understand social and customer needs and provide safe, high quality technology and services in order to obtain the satisfaction and trust of customers and all stakeholders.

2. Thoroughly executing safe construction

Giving the highest management priority to "Safety first above all else", all members of the corporate group work together to thoroughly execute safe construction and implement every available measure to prevent serious accidents as we aim to achieve "Ultimate safety".

3. Complying with laws and ordinances and engaging in free competition and fair trade

We comply with and faithfully respect laws and ordinances, as well as social ethical standards, and we strive to engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and trade. We also maintain sound, proper relations with political and administrative sectors.

4. Information disclosure

We endeavour to actively and fairly disclose our corporate information not only to our shareholders but also to all stakeholders in order to ensure open communication with the public and operate a highly transparent business. We also pay close attention to the protection of personal and customer information.

5. Focus on the environment

We endeavour to preserve and live harmoniously with the earth's natural resources and environment through our business practices, not only by treasuring them carefully, but also by providing technology and services that are helpful in solving environmental problems.

6. Activities that contribute to society

We realize our role as a good corporate citizen, and proactively promote and support activities that contribute to society.

7. Emphasizing social order and safety

We resolutely oppose antisocial groups that threaten public order and safety.

8. Complying with international rules and laws

In operating overseas businesses, we comply with international rules and local laws, and respect local culture and customs where we operate to contribute to the development of the local community.

9. Ensuring safe, comfortable working environment

We ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, respecting every employee's fundamental human rights as well as their character and individuality, and we strive to provide a stimulating workplace climate with an emphasis on creativity and vitality so that every individual talent can be properly displayed.

10. Ensuring the proper handling of our crisis management system

We ensure our crisis management system will prevent and resolve emergencies. In the event of a crisis, under the direction of top management, we endeavour to properly address the crisis, disclose the situation to the public, and prevent a recurrence.

11. Implementing the Totetsu Kogyo Codes of Conduct

With a strong commitment, our top management takes the initiative to observe the Totetsu Kogyo Codes of Conduct. We also continuously offer workshops to our employees and periodically conduct inspections in order to maintain and effectively implement the Codes of Conduct throughout the Totetsu Kogyo Group.